Queen of Sheba MASKS production

Queen of Sheba masks are made to perfection! It comes in different colours and prints to match your daily fashion!

*100% Cotton Facemask with Air Filter and Respirator*

* 100% cotton fabric.

* Face mask fabric is light weighted and breathable to prevent suffocation and ensure comfortable breathing for the wearer.

*3 layer facemask that includes 100% cotton outer shell, spunlace interlayer and 100% cotton lining.

* Adjustable ear loops for proper fitting on the face.

* 2.5 5 layers air filter.

* Reusable and washable air filter.

*Facemask comes with air purifying respirator with extra inner filter to ensure wearer inhales and exhales clean uncontaminated air and aid free flow of clean air in and out of the mask.

* Adjustable, Flexible and Soft nose clip for a firm grip above the nose.

* Upto 98% protection against corona virus, harmful micro particles and dust.

*Pocket friendly

*Washing machine friendly and can be hand washed with mild soap and clean water.

*Available in different sizes and colors.

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